Thursday, May 26, 2011

Label Whore.

I don't know what it is about BMX that turns me into a label whore. Maybe it's the design of the parts, and the slick logos. I don't think it's the ads. I see these young little bastards going big, and it just makes me mad, because I suck in comparison. I don't know who they are, beyond Nigel Sylvester, Garrett Reynolds, and Bruce Crisman. Interesting, they ride for Animal, Premium, and KHE respectively. Okay maybe the advertising and edits are seeping into my skull.

I really think it's the parts themselves, though. They are absolutely beautiful. The are very minimal too, thanks to Taiwan's designers using the latest stress analysis programs to shave weight and material where it isn't needed. If riders like Sean Burns aren't breaking stuff, I sure won't. I'm still going to run a 48 spoke wheel out back, with a KHE Astern freecoaster and a Sun Big City rim. In front it's a Sun Big Baller. See, there's those labels here's few more: S&M leather and kevlar seat, Revenge Industries weed grips, Mosh Street Bars (rip-off of old Vision Street Wear logo), and lots of Animal parts. GLH tires in 2.25 and 2.1, Hamilton DX copy pedals, Sprocky Balboa chainwheel, and an Animal pivotal post. I used  S&M P-guts so I could keep my S&M railed seat (so old school).

It's also the names sucking me in. As soon as I heard there was a BMX frame called Deathtrap, I had to have it. The bonus was that Premium is made by Haro, and the extra bonus was the Strawberry-designed seatpost clamp.

It isn't all new, there are some old school parts as well. I have an old Haro fork that I actually drew when I worked for Haro. The cranks are mid school GT. I'm still not on board with 48 spline (sorry Profile) or 2 piece cranks.

So that's me the BMX label whore. I even have T-shirts to advertise these companies that I buy the parts from. So sad, I should just get a Don Ed Hardy t-shirt, and a Magnum Desert Eagle and end it all right now.