Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rare in Portland

My only beef about Portland is that not enough people love old cars. So many eco-conscious people here it's absolutely ridiculous. They are so blinded by their cause that they fail to see the beauty in old machines, and historic value and worth, or the simple fact that restoring and preserving an old car, truck, or motorcycle is recycling and reusing.

Would melting down that beautiful Land Rover to make Pepsi cans be a better use of its aluminum shell?

And what about that big Mopar "gas guzzler"? I don't know if Hot Rod Pizza actually uses this car to deliver their Pizzas or if it is a rolling billboard. The 60's style drag racing graphics rock and they show what race cars looked like in the golden era before the corporate takeover of the Drag Strip forced all the ingenuity and creativity of the privateer to the curb. Now it's just billboards on high-tech surface missiles designed by engineers and piloted by talking heads who thank their sponsors before they thank their own family.

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