Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Monark SIlver King

Well it's finally done. Big, fat tires and everything! They are 24" x 2.3 but they barely fill the huge fenders. I just fit with the apehangers and the layback seatpost. It cleaned up really nice. The front fender had some dents and it was painted with house paint, which scraped off without damaging the paint and pinstriping underneath. I'm getting good at popping out dents and took care of a couple on the "tank" too. The back wheel was really rusty, so I replaced it with a used rim and spokes taken from a 5-speed 24" wheel. I used the matching front wheel and then painted both rims semi-gloss black using the "spin" method. You just stick it in the truing stand and spin it, and spray away. No runs doing it like this, and it's fast. I also rebuilt the British Perry coasterbrake. It has sort of an odd design compared to the Bendix, but the cool thing is that it can only be assembled one way, and from one side. The fork was bent too. It was the steerer tube itself that was bent and it was quite a task straightening it, and it is still a little wonky. I'm lucky that I keep random shit like headset bearings as they were ground away to nothing, but I had a pair that fit. I think the chainwheel is from the Columbia. This bike is tiny, it's almost as cramped as a Stingray. Still fun to ride around on, as long as you don't mind standing to pedal.

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