Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dan delivers the Motherload.

My friend Dan came by in his new truck. It a 1964 Dodge, straight off the farm.

He plans to leave the paint just the way it is. The 225 c.i. Slant-6 runs like a top. It came with all the parts needed to make it 4WD, which will happen sometime this spring. Then it will be a Power Wagon.

The early 1964 trucks had dual headlights. later 1964 trucks had single headlights with a big chrome trim ring. I can't believe that chrome bumper has made it 46 years unscathed. I hope I didn't jinx it.

The rear bumper is handmade. I love this kind of bumper, I've never seen two that are the same. Three different sizes of trailer hitch ball.

The hole for the stereo is kind of a bummer, but fixing it would destroy this amazing decal.

Both sides of the cab floor rotted away ages ago, and were repaired with wood. Dan would like to keep them, but he's getting annoyed with the occasional showers he's getting while driving the truck in the rain. In comparison the pickup bed is completely intact.

This was the occasion for Dan's visit, a donation of bike parts for the newly formed chapter of Dead Baby Bikes in Portland. The tank bike is a 24" Monark, which will be built up into a club loaner bike. The other paperboy frame is a Rocket by Monark which unfortunately has a frozen seatpost, a split down the back of the seat tube, and the seat tube is broken away at the bottom bracket. When I get oxy-acetylene, I am going to swap out the seat tube. It will be good practice, and it will resurrect a beautiful old frame that I will build up into a bitchen Klunker. The red, white, and rust frame is an old Columbia, back when they still made nice bikes. I plan to make this bike into a mutant Klunker, using a 100mm SunTour fork that was recently given to me. Columbia uses a slightly bigger headset than Schwinn, yet slightly smaller than 1-1/8 threadless. The headtube has a thicker OD than my Hoffman's headtube so I figure there is plenty of meat to bore the headtube out to fit the 1-1/8 headset. From there I'm thinking 3-piece BMX cranks, Renthal MX handlebars, disc brake front hub and a Bendix coasterbrake laced to Velocity disc-specific rims, and a Brooks sprung saddle. The girl's frame will get used to make either a swingbike, a chopper, or another burrito bike, I'm not sure yet.


  1. That's pretty nice , I wonder if you could find a block off plate or something to cover that hole . . .

  2. Dig this Truck. Needs a rad period correct radio. It's funny that he's converting to 4WD. Most I see around here are 4WD. Seems like the 2WD is harder to find down here. Too bad these are such a bitch to lower.

  3. That hole is huge, it's for a pullout. If I can figure how to roll the edge of a piece of sheetmetal including the radiused corners, I'll make him one, paint it red and "age" it a little.

    It has a dropped axle and parallel leaves up front and the axle sits below, seem to me you could drop it 4" just by moving the axle above the leaves. Maybe there are oil pan or tie rod conflicts. You can't see it in the pictures but it sits with a bit of a rake. 4WD will make it sit level.