Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bike Check: My Premium Deathtrap

Frame: Premium Deathtrap 21" top tube Heat-treated 4130 CrMo
Fork: Hoffman 4130 CrMo
Headset: Sputnik integrated
Crank: mid-school GT
Sprocket: Animal 33t
Pedals: Primo meat tenderizer
Bars: Mosh Street Bars
Stem: XS toploader
Grips: Revenge Industries "Da Kine"
Chain: KMC
Seat: S&M Bike Thin Rail
Seatpost: cut in half
Front Wheel: 36h Mongoose cheapie Tire: Primo Dirt Monster 2.2
Rear Wheel: 48h Taska FreeCoaster Alex rim Tire: Cheng Shit 1.95

Check out integrated seatpost clamp patented by and licensed from Strawberry Cyclesport Inc. in Portland, OR. Andy Newlands is the innovator behind this. It has removable brake mounts and gyro tabs, too.

It's the best riding BMX I've ever swung a leg over. The only modern BMX I can compare it to is a Sunday 2nd wave though.

BITD I had:

Huffy Thunder Road
Huffy Pro Thunder 3
Schwinn Scrambler
Schwinn Predator
SE Racing LOOPTAIL "P.K.Ripper"
Torker Expert
Torker ProX
Haro Sport (original American made)
Haro Master 3rd gen.(standing platforms)
SE Racing "P.K.Ripper" 2nd gen.
Haro FST
CW Stunt Vessel Ceppie Mayes model
Boss Freestyle Dave Van Der Spek model

Pretty much it's like the Boss or the later P.K. except it fits. Despite the head angle being so much steeper, it's less twitchy because the bars aren't straight up and down, they are in line with the fork. The top tube is 1" longer @ 21" but feels about the same for that reason. I love the shorter back end. I stopped BMXing before threadless took over, so to me this the the single-most important innovation to BMX, period. Nobody would be able to go big like they do without the bigger threadless headset, larger diameter steerer tube, and clamp-on stem. And integrated is even better. When a build my track frame and fork it will definitely be integrated/threadless.

I feel very confident on this bike. It's partly the way it rides, but it's also that I know I can toss this bike and not worry about trashing it.

Thanks to Shad @ Goods BMX for having cool shit like this at his shop. Support your LBS, Portland BMXers!

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