Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bike Central

A few days ago, I went into town to pick up a seat from my friend NeRf. While we hung out and shot the shit his tire went flat. He had skidded thru it and had it patched with a Knog glueless patch and the tire with a dollar bill, which held for about 20 minutes. So we walked to the nearest bike shop, and talked about his random meeting with Motoyan. It's kinda weird how this fixed gear thing is worldwide, which is old news for bike messengers, but even though it's so big, you can still end up meeting people from halfway around the world doing the same thing, just by chance.

We walked down to Bike Central, which always has some cool shit. That's a Cinelli, and a Bareknuckle with gold Thomson parts. And look they are set up as track bikes.

The case is full of crazy weird shit, both track and tarck. Bike Central also has a bunch of Keirin memorabilia, although I don't think the posters are for sale.

I could do without the space shoes but the titanuim coated teeth on the EAI cogs are calling out to me. Note the Barcons, and the Vintage Campagnolo stuff in the front.

There seems to be a lot of hate lately for NJS. Most of it stems from ignorance, expecting loose-ball hubs, headsets and bottom brackets to not require any maintenence or adjusting, which leads them to conclude that modern sealed bearing parts are "better". Not better, just different. Some of us don't mind paying some attention to a machine and getting our hands dirty. Some of us appreciate Keirin bikes the same way you would appreciate a vintage Norton Cafe Racer. Yeah, a GSXR will walk all over it, but so what it's plastic.


  1. Please say hi to NerF, and Bike Central guy and Shad of GOODS BMX!
    I wanna visit Penny Mansion again.
    I miss Portland very much.

    please give these pics to NerF if you have chanse. Thanx!

  3. You should come out for West Side Invite!

  4. wow, patching a tyre with a dollar bill. Kinda says what a dollar's worth these days!