Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 2 Favorite Bikes

My KHS Aerotrack and my 64 Triumph Trophy, still under construction. I've done tons of fabrication on it: jockey shift and linkage, suicide clutch, foot controls (originally forward, now mids, much better), passenger pegs, wheel spacers, brake linkage, fender support/butt stop, kickstand, engine plates, headlight bracket, exhaust bracket, remote oil filter/taillight/license plate mount and backing plate, a ton of threaded bosses, and assorted bracketry.Fabrication-wise, all that's left is the exhaust.

It's a 1964 Sportsman's Competition engine, one of 57 they made that year. There is a big nasty hole in it from throwing the chain but it is repairable and is in an area that doesn't hold oil. It needs a rebuild including new pistons and conrods. The front triangle is a Bonneville, and that's a 6" stretch Santee Industries hardtail, The front end is from a Moto-Guzzi 850T with an axle that I turned down to accept the Harley 21" front wheel. A dual disc setup is planned, can't wait to see if Harley rotors are gonna work with Brembo calipers. The rear wheel has a conical hub laced to a Harley wheel, and an interesting story (some other time). The tank is an old Paughco "Axed Harley". I got most of this stuff about 8 years ago, and you would shit your pants if you knew what I paid!

Every year I say next year it will be finished. The reason It's such a back-burner project is because people in Oregon drive so slow and inattentively, and you can't lane split legally like you can in California. It's actually much more enjoyable to ride a bicycle. I am also much healthier now cycling, and I worry that I might fall back into old ways and get flabby again, like when I moved to CA, got a Vespa, and then stopped riding BMX.

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