Sunday, July 5, 2009

My friend Mike's bike

Mike Stobbe, that is. I've known Mike since he rode a Vespa with the Night Stalkers Scooter Club. He did most of my tattoos, too. It's a Pan/Shovel, in a Panhead frame. I don't know much about Harleys, but I know what I like...

I love the way this bike sits, with it's 4" over front end. It's weird, in person it looks really small, but when you sit on it, you know you are on a Big Twin. The style leans towards Frisco, with the mids and custom-made Z/lane-splitters. I think the real influence is the movie "Wild Angels" cuz this bike could have rode right out of the movie screen in 1966.

Chopperdaves Casting Company made this neat bird-catcher.

Mike made this exhaust out of a myriad of pieces, including some ripple tube from Pep Boys. He welded it all together, smoothed down all the welds, and then had it all chromed. The bracketry supporting the cocktail shakers is as well thought out as anything you could buy out of a catalog, and Mike said he paid extra special attention to making sure it bolted right up, and that you didn't have to force it around to get it to mount up, which goes a long way towards keeping shit from cracking and falling apart. He also made those neat little fender supports from a Bung King kit, and had them chromed. He had a bunch of stuff chromed, and we all know what chrome costs these days.

I love open primary drives, it's the main reason I want to build a Harley. I will, if I ever finish my Triumph TR6SC. Mike modified the clutch pedal a little, so he could use the matching white rubber peg that goes with the footpegs, and then had it chromed. Very sixties, all this chroming going on.

I really wanted to ask him to ride it, but the combination of a 93" stroker motor, tall drive sprocket, and jockey shift/suicide clutch, made me think there was too much potential for disaster. It's for sale too, but if I broke it, I couldn't buy it.

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