Monday, July 6, 2009

Laying Frame

Damn I love slammed cars. There are very few vehicles that don't look good lowered, but certain ones look great slammed, just laying frame. I particularly like old trucks, almost anything big and American, and vintage VWs on the ground, although 30's cars tend to look "broken" when they are this low. This is the San Diego I knew and loved, rad cars like this driving around all over the place. Maybe they all got sold to Japan, or maybe gas still costs too much. Maybe it's because i'm getting around by bicycle and just not covering the ground I could on my Vespa or one of my motorcycles that I used to own.

I'm pretty sure this is a 1952 Ford, it had tubular A-arms and Air-Ride I imagine, and another disappointing SBC. I wish people would just put fucking Ford motors in Fords, you can't tell me they are any less reliable when the majority of Police cars are Crown Vics.

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