Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back in Aloha, Oregon.

The bike ride went OK, more about that in a later post. I got into SLO as it was getting dark and spent the night at Hostel Obispo. If you are ever in SLO I strongly recommend staying there, great group of people and a beautiful old house.

I decided to go back to Aloha because I miss my family, my Australian Cattle Dog, and my little garage. I spent most of the day yesterday tearing down an old Novara X-R and then painting it. This bike is worth painting because it's fillet-brazed Tange MTB chromoly. It's kind of an oddball bike, basically a mountain bike with drop bars, and oh yeah it's got indexed BarCon shifters! Unfortunately it was an ugly shade of 80's purple, with pink and yellow graphics. I wanted to paint it metallic brown but couldn't find anything that color, so I settled for a metallic green, that I shot over a black base to tone it down, and helped out the gloss with some acrylic clearcoat. Plasti-Cote paint dries fast, so after I took the dog for a walk I assembled it. THIS is the bike I should have used for my SB to SLO ride.

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