Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I had the idea for a fixed gear tallbike about 3 years ago. Not an original idea, I'm sure someone had done it, but this was when the "fixie" thing was first starting to really blow up, and I felt it necessary to poke some fun at it. Also the Drop Out Bicycle Club, of which I am a member was invited to have a booth at the first Oregon Handmade Bike Show. I was a bit dumbfounded when we were approached, as it was entirely professional builders, of which I have the most admiration and respect. I knew I had to do something special. I had Mizutani Seraph that I got at Goodwill and a Bridgestone Kabuki from a yard sale, so I had two lugged mild steel frames from which to build a tallbike. I always start with the steerer tube, and I set it up to both the top and bottom headsets, so the tube in between is more of a stem extension. Four bearings are sturdier than two, and once the neck extension is fabricated it acts as a jig, holding the top frame in place. I also did a monostay, and placed a substantial gusset at the bottom bracket. It also got track ends that line up with the bottom bracket for maximum chain adjustment. I finished it off with a big 52 tooth chainring. The most recent addtion is the bum bars, which a very comfortable. So here it is, the Suicycle.

Brakeless? Check. No foot retention? Check. No lockring? Check. (welded 5sp. cluster)
27" rear wheel & 26" front wheel (for teh barspinz)

Here you can see the sprocket gusset, and triangle gusset

The rather precarious monostay, made from part of a fork leg.

Seat lug with seat stays carefully cut away, cut and laced Brooks saddle.

Rear dropout cut from a Schwinn Varsity and grafted to what was a vertical dropout.


  1. and who was the first to track stand it no hands?

  2. You did. And not to make your ego any bigger but my go to for "only person who should be allowed to ride a track bike on the street without a handbrake" is you.