Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old habits die hard

I'm sitting at Gelato Vero typing this. This is the old Vespa hangout. I don't think it's even on the fixster kids radar but once again it's familiar and comfortable, and it has free Wi-Fi. It also has coffee from where I used to work, Cafe Moto.
I get to ride up Washington St. when I leave, it's not that bad, not like climbing out of the canyon where I'm staying at a friend's house. When you live in a flat city, you whine and moan when you get to a hill. In a hilly place like SD they are a fact of life and you just hump up them. Luckily I run a low gear, 48 x 19 or 68 gear inches. The bike is a '99 or so KHS Aerotrack. It has a Campagnolo headset, and some vintage 165mm Sugino 144mm b.c.d. cranks. I laced the Suzue ProMax hubs into the Velocity DeepVs (VeepDs) 4x rear and 2x front. I'm glad I built these because there are some craters in the roads down here. SRSLY reconsidering my "free pile" rear tire even though it is a Continental. I'm seeing fixster kids running around with no front brake, but I have yet to see one going down hill. I'm old so I play it safe. Also I'm lazy and resisting (the forward motion of the pedals) has gotten old after 6 years of riding "brakeless" in Portland. When I worked up in Seattle I put a brake on cuz I knew there were hills, and I just never took it off. I've grown accustomed to bombing hills and grabbing a handful of front brake at the last possible second. Panic stops are a lot less taxing too.

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