Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Rod or Rat Rod?

I'm not quite sure. It's pretty damn cool. 1930 Model A, with a fairly healthy chop. It's just channeled about 4" enough to hide the Model A frame. The undropped axle has a suicide perch sticking thru the 32 Ford truck grille. The engine sits kinda high but I guess that's better than scraping the oil pan, and bummer that it's an SBC. There's no windshield and the tires appear to used truck tires, just tall sorta square profile radials. It has a slight "Alhambra rake" and the trunk lid seems to open. Interior is the requisite Mexican blanket. There were no skulls or spider webs, but it did have a single Iron Cross taillight, but standard Model A's only had the one taillight on the driver's side. I think the top was chopped and the roof filled a long time ago judging by the depth of the bondo cracks and the rust down in them. Overall I really like it, but in a way I hope it's not "finished".

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