Monday, June 8, 2009

Bikes from Sunday Funday

I went to Sunday Funday with my old friend Bhava Das. I ran into another old friend, Eddie Castro. I met these guys when they used to pierce at Dr. Jefe's and I worked at Envy Body Jewelry as a machinist. Bhava was always bikey, and when Eddie got into bikes, he started a bike club called The Kutters. It's nice to see the bike scene blow up in San Diego, and I'm stoked these two guys are in the mix. I had a great time hanging out with everyone, getting my bike nerd on with Jacob, talking about wheelbuilding, Jobst Brandt, Sheldon Brown (R.I.P.), commuting/traffic laws, and the problem with being anti-car. You see, as long as you are anti-car, and you project that image to car drivers, and this does nothing to get them to park their cars and get on a bike.

And now the bikes....



Kiyo Miyazawa


Murdered Out

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