Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Tallbike?

Sure why not? There were a couple of cruisers behind Andrew's house, so I decided to make yet another tallbike. Instead of the standard "bike on top of a bike" approach I just used the rear triangle of a girl's cruiser, and made an extended fork. It's all fairly straight forward, the bottom frame's seatstays sleeve over the top frame's seatstays where the dropouts were chopped off, and the chainstays hit up against the seatstays. The bottom frame's downtube was chopped about 6" up from the bottom bracket and mitered to sit against the top frame's bb. This required a fair amount of bending things around and a few trial and error cuts.


So much fun cutting the fork dropouts off

Not the tallest tallbike

SunTour Coasterbrake

Being welded (flux core wire, no gas)

There are some issues with the chain hitting the chainstays, and this will be dealt with, with a big hammer. I have some plans for a rather unique finish.

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